Testimonial 1

My experience with S&L Porter Contractor

From the first meeting with Steve Porter to get an estimate on the construction of my new home, I was confident that I would be happy with the whole process.

Owning my own land and wanting a turn-key build, Steve took on a risk in accepting to build my home. I took that as a sign of trust and trusted him in return.

Due to the location of the property, there were issues and details in regard to land shape and waterfront restrictions which resulted in many meetings and modification with the municipal council. These were dealt with by Steve and Paul. They custom designed my home that met both my needs and the requirements of the council, ensuring I got the home I wanted.

During the process I had several meetings with Steve and Paul to discuss my wishes for my new home. They listened to my wishes and ensured all the small details I wanted were met. From keeping an important tree on the property, to my preferred  light fixture style.  Steve and Paul never made me feels as though this was just another build but as if they were doing this as their own home.

Every step of the way they kept me well informed and it was an easy, open communication with the entire team. While remaining entirely professional, the whole crew was friendly and caring throughout the entire process and remain so to this day. I have full confidence in their work and know if any issues were to arise, it would be taken care of efficiently.

As with all construction, sub-contractors are hired to do certain jobs. S&L Porter ensured any sub-contractors hired, maintained S&L’s high standard of quality workmanship.

After living in my home for over six months I can say without a doubt it is a warm, quiet dwelling which proves the quality of the structural integrity.

I don’t know how many people can say that their experience with having a home built is having the contractor be invited and show to an open house, but it was mine. And I am thankful to have a relationship with this company that is a kin to friendship, they truly care.

S&L Porter Contracting, Steve, Paul, Glen and the entire crew made sure they were building me a home, not just a house.

I truly love my home and I would not change anything about my experience with S&L Porter.


Thank You



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